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AFA Journal: Church Pack (Monthly Subscription)

Bundle of 50 • Billed Monthly • Delivered Monthly

Keep your church or group up-to-date with the latest articles, news and information from the AFA Journal with the Church Pack monthly subscription.

Subscription includes 50 copies each:

• AFA Journal - 11 issues
• Engage: The Annual - 1 issue

Please allow two weeks for delivery of the first month's issue.

For questions or to update your subscription, email donorsupport@afa.net or call 662-844-5036, option 2.

AFA Journal: 50 Pack

Bundle of 50 • Billed Once • Delivered Once

Need extra copies of the AFA Journal? Order 50 copies of the current issue to share with your family, friends, or church.

Please allow two weeks for delivery.

For questions or past issues, please call 662-844-5036, option 2.